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Basement Pump System

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You depend on your sump pump to keep your basement dry and functional. What happens, however, if your house loses power? When your sump pump fails, your basement floods, causing property damage and a massive mess for you to clean up. What can you do to stop this from happening and maintain your basement as a welcoming space for your family?

At Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC, we’re dedicated to helping you keep your basement in Rome, NY, dry. Our sump pump contractors are experienced in choosing and installing the right system for your basement!

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Your Basement Sump Pump Systems Will be Taken Care of With Our Help

At Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC, our pump contractor is happy to provide the SEC battery backup system, which is an AC to DC power converter that enables you to continue using the trusted 3000-gallon per hour pump you’ve grown accustomed to. When a power outage occurs, the circuitry is dependable and provides the gallon per hour requirements for the majority of homes. You can rely on our SEC sump pump battery backup systems to secure your basement and all of the valuables that are stored inside. Our sump pump contractors can install this concrete pump system without a problem.

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We know that when your basement floods, it’s usually not a good thing—it means that water has gotten into your home and damaged some of your belongings. Our sump pump contractors take great care to make sure that this doesn’t happen again by installing the right pump system for your home.

If you’re looking for a sump pump contractor in Rome, NY, look no further than Basement Waterproofing Pros, LLC. We offer free estimates and we’ll come to your home to do the work!