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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you waterproof fieldstone wall foundations??

Yes, we can, first by the outside bentonite clay injection as this is the only outside approach that can be done by a commercial waterproofing company, as a fieldstone wall should be excavated. Secondly, we can install interior Hydro-Static Pressure Relief Systems to stop water under pressure from a spring or rising water table. Call us to know more!

What is the best way to calculate value when comparing basement waterproofing contractors?.

Simple, divide the contract price by the total square footage of warranty provided and that will give you the cost per square foot of warranty. Whomever is charging the least per square foot of warranty is giving you the best value for your dollar. Don’t forget to ask how long you warranty will last with other contractors. Basement Waterproofing Inc warranties are for the life of the home, regardless of ownership.

How long has the process of the Bentonite Clay injection been around?

We have traced this process back to the early 1930’s used commercially to repair earthen coffer dams, irrigation channels etc. The bentonite clay is mined from the mid-west and has a high content of sodium which gives the clay it’s slippery consistency while allowing the clay to expand 18-20 times its original volume. Today it is used in all New York State landfills as well as waterproofing many tunnels underground. Bentonite clay has the ability to reseal itself if penetrated.

How does the Basement Waterproofing bentonite clay injection work in my backfill?

We begin with a starter hole, then we insert an injection wand into the ground and under pressure the clay begins to fill the voids in your backfill where settlement and capillary action as created passageways for water to enter through your wall. Under pressure, like air in a balloon the clay fills these areas and as it continues to absorb moisture in the ground, swell and seals these opening closing off the access where water once had access to your foundation wall. Once the bentonite injection is complete well fill our starter holes with dry bentonite clay to keep water from tracking back into the ground.

What should I beware of when seeking out a solution or contractor to waterproofing my basement?

As a full-service waterproofing company with 39 years in the industry. these are my honest thoughts.
Excavation for exterior drains installation will almost never solve the problem for interior seepage. The process destroys your lawn, overhangs, etc. There is almost NEVER a warranty provided and there is no practical repair for service.
Parging or interior paints are not always a permanent solution, water can enter a basement at 60 psi, and you would be asking a lot from a coat of paint.
Beware of Baseboard type water control systems. The epoxy often separates allowing water seepage and every one of these systems I installed in the early years, I had to replace under warranty with a sub-floor drain system.
Beware of companies that use solid white septic line pipe to move water, it is susceptible to clogging. Again, I had to replace all the early systems. under warranty with the proper perforated pipe and under autopsy found them to be plugged.

What is your contract warranty?

All Basement Waterproofing Inc. warranties are lifetime and transferable for seepage for the life of the home, regardless of ownership. This means Basement Waterproofing Inc will transfer you warranty to the next homeowner of your sold home. Certainly, to add value to the salability of your home.

Does your warranty cover the basement walls?

But of course, Basement Waterproofing, Inc is the only company in upstate New York to provide a warranty for your basement walls. For your Home and basement, this should make all the difference in selecting the proper waterproofing contractor.

Can you compare warranty cost for Basement Waterproofing vs other contractors?

My basement is 140 linear feet.

Certainly, almost all waterproofing contractor’s warranty just over their installed pipe so if you have 140 linear feet x 1 foot wide, then you have 140 square feet of warranty.
With Basement Waterproofing, Inc. we warranty both the entire floor as well as the walls below grade. For the same size basement, you will receive 1,225 sf for floor and 1,120 for walls. Total warranty is 2,345 sf, big difference. So if both jobs are $8,000, the cost per square foot of warranty is as follows. The competitors cost per square foot of warranty is $57.14. With Basement Waterproofing Inc, your cost per square foot of warranty is $3.41per square foot of warranty. Certainly, a significant difference in what they are charging you and for what you are receiving from them. It pays to do your homework and understand what questions need to be asked and answered.

Does the Bentonite Clay Injection stop all basement water seepage?

No, only if water is seeping through a wall. Basement Waterproofing contracts for both the wall and floor and each part of the foundation has its own type of repair. The Bentonite Injections will stop what is coming through the wall and the Hydro-Static Pressure Relief System will stop water from below pushing up through the seams of the cove area of your foundation. Basement Waterproofing Inc does not sell the injection solo with a warranty. Since water can enter through wall or floor, both systems are needed under contract to provide full warranty for both the wall and the floor.

What is the benefit of the Basement Waterproofing Bentonite Clay Injection?

The Bentonite Injection allows Basement Waterproofing to determine if the water seepage is from the wall or up from the floor from a rising water table. Others only offer the cookie cutter remedy of the interior Hydro-Static Pressure Relief System (HPRS) forcing you to dismantle your basement from the get-go. Before we determine the installation of the HPRS is necessary, the proper channel of troubleshooting will have been completed.

Can you tell if a basement is leaking through a wall or up from the floor?

Sometimes, but not always, there are so many variables and factors involved. You can be certain that Basement Waterproofing, Inc will trouble shoot as needed to make sure your basement is dry. Certainly, if you have a finished basement, then why take risk of the cookie cutter repair? We have many customers who have benefited just from having the bentonite clay injection.

I have owned my home for 28 years; the basement has been finished for 11 years. I just started to get water, why now?

The geology around your home is always changing, naturally occurring or man-made Time changes everything around your home and usually not to your benefit. If you cannot figure out the cause, please give us a call and we can guide you through the repairs.

How does Basement Waterproofing compare to other types of water repairs to a home?

Simply by comparing the cost per square foot of warranty, Basement Waterproofing, Inc is the cheapest way to commercially waterproof your home, while offering the most value per square foot of warranty…period.

After installation, should I see water in my basement, what should I do?

Simply take a picture or video, call our office and the service manager will schedule an appointment to come to your home for a preview. We prefer not to troubleshoot from the phone and find that a visit to your home is so much more personal. No need to worry, we will get your basement dry as contracted.